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Zemitz Digital Skinalysis + Consult

  • 30 min
  • 100 US dollars

Service Description

The Zemits Skin Analysis System is the most modern equipment in the industry for analyzing facial skin, as well as for capturing, displaying and comparing results. The device uses the technology of spectral imaging RGB, UV, and PL, in combination with artificial intelligence and image analysis. After 12 years of testing, and over 300 trials, this system is proven to provide an effective skin analysis in just 15-seconds. This system can detect a total of 12 skin problems of the dermis and epidermis such as age spots, pores, moisture, texture, wrinkles and so on. In consultation with your aesthetician, the Skinalysis recommends targeted products for your individual skin care regimen. BONUS: Enjoy a $100 credit toward purchases of recommended skin care products.

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